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Wild Safaris offers you an unforgettable adventure experience in the heart of the Waimate District backcountry in South Canterbury, New Zealand.

Formerly Whitehorse Safaris, established in 1988, Wild Safaris provides the variety of game, the same high level of service and more.

Your highly skilled guide (outfitter), Selwyn Mercer, with 34 years experience, is a specialist in the game hunting of numerous species, including Tahr, Chamois, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Wild Goat, Wild Boar, Opossum, Rabbit, Hare, Turkey, Goose, Black Swan, Duck and the Bennet Wallaby, found only in the Hunter Hills of Waimate.

Access to this awe-inspiring countryside is made safe and easy by Selwyn's extensive knowledge of the area and the use of 4x4 vehicles. Ninety percent of all our hunt expeditions are on privately owned land.

If fishing is your pleasure then let 34 years experience guide you to some of the best trout and salmon lakes and rivers in the world. Selwyn has extensive experience in negotiating these waterways by jet boat.

Wild Safaris.... Experience the adventure of a lifetime in New Zealand (NZ).

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